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Start systems training online today!

Get a jump on your training, prep for that interview, get a competitve edge for that job opening or just stay proficient. Our Citation, Learjet and King Air CBTs can help you get it done!

A far better way to learn systems!

Pilots learn by doing. Our sytem simulators allow you to toggle the switches and press the buttons. Operate the systems as if you were in the actual airplane! A far better way to learn than just reading a manual!

Animated system diagrams show the operation of the system as you adjust controls. All the systems in the airplane are simulated.

Detailed briefings and quizzes are also provided for each system. All delivered to your computer over the Internet!
"I really love your work and how you are improving it. I write this email to thank you because your CBT for the C550 is much better than the one they have at Flightsafety and each time I review it, I understand more (about) my aircraft."

~ Becket, Jet Systems Online Subscriber

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