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Put away that Cessna Citation V Ultra pilot training manual!

Our Citation Ultra online courseware features system simulators and detailed briefings!

Operate systems as if you were in the cockpit of the Citation Ultra!

A far better way to train. You learn by doing!


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Citation V Ultra CE560

Citation V Encore CE550B CBT pilot training online.

Citation Ultra CBT

Start your Citation Ultra pilot training online with our Ultra CBT. Featuring system simulators and detailed briefings. Request a free trial!

CBT Topics

1. Aircraft General
2. Master Warning
3. Electrial
4. Fuel
5. Powerplant
6. Fire Protection
7. Pneumatics
8. Ice & Rain Protection
9. Air Conditioning
10. Pressurization
11. Hydraulic Power
12. Landing Gear
13. Flight Controls
14. Avionics
15. Oxygen

Systems Overview

The Cessna Citation V Ultra is powered by two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5D engines, each producing 3,045 lb of thrust at sea level. The airplane's combined usable fuel is 5,814 lb. Electrical power is provided by two engine-driven generators rated at 30 VDC and 300 amps (regulated to 28.5 V). Ice and rain protection includes bleed air anti-ice and pneumatic deice (wings and horizontal stabilizers). Cabin pressurization maintains, using automatic scheduling, 8.9 psid, which results in an 8,000-foot cabin altitude when cruising at 45,000 ft. The airplane's hydraulic system is a 1,500-psi open center system that powers the landing gear, flaps, speedbrakes and thrust reversers.