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Put away that Cessna Citation V Encore pilot training manual!

Our Encore online courseware features system simulators and detailed briefings!

Operate systems as if you were in the cockpit of the Encore!

A far better way to train. You learn by doing!


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Citation V Encore CE560

Citation V Encore CE550B CBT pilot training online.

Encore CBT

Start your Encore pilot training online with our CBT. Featuring system simulators and detailed briefings. Request a free trial!

CBT Topics

1. Aircraft General
2. Master Warning
3. Electrial
4. Fuel
5. Powerplant
6. Fire Protection
7. Pneumatics
8. Ice & Rain Protection
9. Air Conditioning
10. Pressurization
11. Hydraulic Power
12. Landing Gear
13. Flight Controls
14. Avionics
15. Oxygen

Systems Overview

The Cessna Citation V Encore is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW535A engines, each producing 3,400 lb of thrust at sea level. The airplane's usable fuel in each wing tank is 403 U.S. gallons. Combined usable fuel is 5,440 lb. Electrical power is provided by two engine-driven generators rated at 30 VDC and 300 amps (regulated to 28.5 V). Ice and rain protection includes bleed air anti-ice and pneumatic deice (horizontal stabilizers). Cabin pressurization maintains, using automatic scheduling, 8.9 psid, which results in an 7,800-foot cabin altitude when cruising at 45,000 ft. The airplane's hydraulic system is a 1,500-psi open center system that powers the landing gear, flaps, speedbrakes and thrust reversers.